Mandarin Alive

(Parent-accompanied Mandarin classes for infants and toddlers)

Learning with our children does more than build a strong foundation for language development. It is also a precious moment for bonding and shared experiences. At our adults-accompanied mandarin classes for infants and toddlers aged 1-3 years old, we want to invite you and your little kiddos to our fun and enriching Mandarin wonderland!

Is it a good idea to start so young?

Yes, all children are born to be citizens of the world! Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky at MIT even coined the term “language acquisition device”, a metaphorical organ that all children possess to pick up any language of the environment they are born in. Despite not being able to speak or write like we do, scientists now agree that language learning is most effective in the child's early years. Our goal is to capitalise on this golden period of brain development to awaken the linguistic genius within each child.

What can we look forward to in class?

Through the use of captivating picture books, Orff music approach, engaging adult-child interactions, our programme brings Mandarin alive for the children. It becomes a language they are familiar with and look forward to learning.

In Mandarin Activate, our students will:

  • Develop an interest in Mandarin and language learning.
  • Gain familiarity with Mandarin's unique tonality and symbolic characters.
  • Nurture oracy skills, including pronunciation, voice projection and storytelling.
  • Develop overall social and cognitive skills such as memory, fine and gross motor skills, musical sensitivity.

Classes (1 hr / session)  

"Youle Mandarin has helped Camille’s development in many areas beyond Mandarin skills.  The classes have boosted her confidence in interacting with other children and adults.  She has also shown increased appreciation of music, dance and storytelling."

Winny Wilson, Camile's Mum