Mandarin Confidence

(Mandarin classes for preschool children)

By the age of 3, children's vocabulary receptiveness is at its maximum, and they are estimated to learn the meaning of a staggering eight words a day. Accumulating from infancy, this works out to a whooping 10,000 words by the time a child turns six! To maximise our children's learning at this critical age, YouLe offers mandarin classes for preschoolers through our Mandarin classes for nursery and kindergarten kids.

How does Youle maximise children's learning?

By incorporating dialogic reading, fun poetry recitation, strokes practice, pictograph flashcards etc., our programme help students master a sizeable vocabulary and important grammar rules. Our well-trained and encouraging teachers help students develop comfort and confidence in saying longer phrases in Mandarin, building their confidence in learning Mandarin independently so that they are not daunted by the higher demands of formal school settings.

In Mandarin Confidence, our students will:

  • Nurture a strong interests for Mandarin and independent learning.
  • Develop a strong Mandarin foundation in preparation for formal schooling.
  • Be confident in oral expression, with high accuracy in pronunciation.
  • Learn critical early literacy skills, including recognising high-frequency vocabulary, Chinese strokes, Han Yu Pin Yin, grammatical structure, etc.
  • Develop cognitive skills such as memory skills, fine motor skills in writing.

What makes your programme different from others?

Our small class size strikes a balance by facilitating a cosy and lively atmosphere where kids are encouraged by the teacher and motivated by their peers. Our programme is designed to ensure that children enjoy every moment of class and looks forward to every lesson. This way, learning is effective and long-lasting.

Most importantly, we believe in the quality of our teacher. Unlike other centers which commonly employ foreign teachers who may or may not be trained, and often results in high turnovers, all our Mandarin Confidence classes are taught by our cofounder Nan Nan Laoshi. Besides her experience in teaching Mandarin, energetic, engaging, and with a deep love for kids are some of the common feedback students and parents have for her.

Is once-a-week Chinese lesson for preschoolers sufficient?

Parents can opt for twice a week programme, where one lesson of the week focuses on Oracy skills such as conversational practice and reading aloud, while the second lesson focuses on Literacy skills such as reading and writing. In addition, teachers will brief all the parents on how to help their kids practice Mandarin over the week through the take-home and online materials. We aim to provide the most comprehensive assistance we can to help parents nurture an immersive environment at home, whether your child is enrolled for the once a week or twice a week programme.

"Youle makes the Chinese language come alive with multi sensory stimulation, inspirational Chinese poems, flash cards, drama, song and dance, hands on creative activities for the children to stay engaged throughout the session"

Evangeline, Shiloh's Mum