Are your kids dreading heading back to school after all the fun and feasting of the lunar New Year? Let us help you!

Youle is organising FREE chinese workshops to help the kiddos nurture interests in Mandarin Learning through loads of FUN, ENGAGING activities! Register now!

Mandarin Starters Workshop

(1-3 years old) 45 min

Saturday 24 Feb 9.30 - 10.15 am

What is the best headstart you can give your eager little learners in their Mandarin learning journey? Bring them down to our Mandarin Starters Workshop to develop their genuine interest in Mandarin. We have lovingly put together our well-liked activities to let toddlers gain exposure to foundation Chinese, stimulate brain development, practice motor skills, appreciate music and art, promote active well-being, develop self-awareness, make new friends and HAVE LOTS OF FUN!


绘本分享 – Pictorial Story Time

演唱弹奏 – Songs and Instruments

主题活动 – Thematic Activities

触动手工 – Sensory Artwork

伸展体操 – Toddler Gym

游戏玩乐 – Games & Fun

Mandarin Learners Workshop

(4-6 years old) 60 min

24 Feb Saturday 11 am - 12 pm

Come join us and improve Mandarin through our fun and interactive Mandarin Learners Workshop! Our custom-designed workshop is conducted in a highly stimulating setting, specifically targeting school-going students through entertaining yet educational activities and get them primary-school ready. Through our thoughtfully curated curriculum, students will learn to recognise Chinese characters, practise oral comprehension, develop rhythmic coordination, enhance fine motor skills, flex growing muscles, develop self-confidence, make new friends and HAVE LOADS OF FUN!



趣味识字 – Characters Reading & Writing

朗读理解 – Story Sharing & Comprehension

故事演绎 – Role Playing

延伸手工 – Creative Craftwork

音乐律动 – Music & Rhythm

欢乐体育 – Exercise Fun

Workshop Registration

Please note that the workshops are filled on a first come first served basis. To register for the workshop, simply fill in the details below.

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