Chinese Readers & Writers Programme

(Literacy classes for preschool children)

By the age of 3, children's vocabulary receptiveness is at its maximum, and they are estimated to learn the meaning of a staggering eight words a day. Accumulating from infancy, this works out to a whooping 10,000 words by the time a child turns six! To maximise our children's learning at this critical age, YouLe offers mandarin classes for preschoolers through our Chinese Readers & Writers classes for nursery and kindergarten kids.

Readers & Writers (Nursery) : Nurturing the Joy of Reading

Age Group: 3 - 4 years old

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Frequency: Once a week

Our Chinese Readers & Writers (Nursery) Programme is a pre-reading programme that is best suited for children who already have a basic foundation in Mandarin. The programme aims to nurture independent learners by inculcating in them a love for reading and teaching them the common sight words in Mandarin. We approach learning with these young minds through carefully selected stories, dialogic reading,  music and movement and a wide variety of multi-modal learning activities to stimulate them. Complementing their classroom learning are our take-home flash-cards, co-created reading booklet and a host of online resources like songs, videos and quizzes. We are heartened to hear from parents that our students absolutely love the home practices!

Readers & Writers (Kindergarten) : Reader Today, Leader Tomorrow

Age Group: 5 - 6 years old

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Frequency: Once a week

Our Chinese Readers & Writers (Kindergarten) Programme prepares our students for primary school success by providing them a thorough grounding in their literacy and fluency skills. By incorporating dialogic reading, fun poetry recitation, strokes practice, pictograph flashcards etc., our programme help students master a sizeable vocabulary and important grammar rules. Our well-trained and encouraging teachers help students develop comfort and confidence in saying longer phrases in Mandarin, building their confidence in learning Mandarin independently so that they are not daunted by the higher demands of formal school settings.

Besides expanding on our students’ vocabulary and grammar, Hanyu Pinyin (phonics), pictorial talk and writing are also introduced to stretch their cognitive development. Similar to our nursery programme, our students can look forward to a wide variety of home materials to complement their learning in school.


Goals of the programme

In Chinese Readers & Writers, our students will:

  • Nurture a strong interests for Mandarin and independent learning.
  • Develop a strong Chinese language foundation in preparation for formal schooling.
  • Learn critical early literacy skills, including recognising high-frequency vocabulary, Chinese strokes, Han Yu Pin Yin, grammatical structure, etc.
  • Through our small class size, nurture confidence in communicating in Chinese, having mastered strong grammatical usage of the language.
  • Develop cognitive skills such as memory skills, fine motor skills in writing.


"Youle makes the Chinese language come alive with multi sensory stimulation, inspirational Chinese poems, flash cards, drama, song and dance, hands on creative activities for the children to stay engaged throughout the session"

Evangeline, Shiloh's Mum

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