1 to 3 years old

6 TO 8

45 minutes
Once a week

Music and Movement!

Adult-accompanied Programme

Mandarin Music and Movement is our adult-chaperoned programme in collaboration with Peekaboo 音乐童年, a well established language school in Taiwan with over 13 years of experience. For the first time in Singapore, Peekaboo's fun and engaging programme has been curated together with YouLe to cater for our local audience. Well loved by both parents and kids alike, Music & Movement goes further to unlock the toddlers' Mandarin language milestones through a multi-sensorial learning approach.


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Skill and Benefit of our Programme

Increased alertness, self-control, and ability to regulate their own movements.

Improved motor skills such as fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Development of listening and back-and-forth communication skills.

Introduction to a variety of spoken sounds and rhythms that will support language and literacy development.

Programme Highlight

  • Parent-child bonding exercises including story time, massage and relaxation activities.
  • Instrument play and introduction to basic music concepts such as high/low, fast/slow, and holding a steady beat.
  • Exploring movement concepts and participating in musical interactions with objects and others.
  • Thematic arts and craft integrates concentration and imagination. 
  • Development of early pre-literacy skills with language patterns that explore rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme.

Happy Parents & Students

Our daughter Camille has been attending YouLe Mandarin since the age of 17 months. At first we were unsure whether a child could benefit from the parent-accompanied classes at such a young age, but after seeing the results, we wish we had started even earlier...

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Brad and Winny Wilson

Camille's parents

"I am very impressed with the progress Annabelle has made at YouLe. She started out staring blankly at me when I spoke to her in Mandarin and now she automatically speaks or sings to me in Mandarin... "

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Irene Seet

Annabelle's mummy

"We are so impressed with what Teacher Joanne has managed to do within 1 semester ! Our child has progressed from disliking mandarin to singing mandarin songs everynow and again!... "

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Stephanie Robertson

Jamie's Mum

"Music and Movement class is very interactive! Teachers are very patient and made the class very enjoyable through music and movement. My son enjoyed the class very much and more open to speak in Chinese now!"

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Dalton and Dante's Mummy

YouLe Mandarin