When we think of learning Mandarin, does the idea of constant drilling and rote-learning of words and phrases come to mind?

"What if Mandarin enrichment classes for children can be fun yet effective?"

Multi-Modal Mandarin

Today's kids are born into a very different world from ours. Due to the stimulating environment they are surrounded by, they are able to learn much faster, but are correspondingly distracted more easily. Thus, our action-packed mandarin enrichment classes for children stimulate the whole child by incorporating visual, audio and hands-on kinesthetic activities such as

  • Pictographs Fastmap
  • Orff music approach
  • LASY Blocks Creative
  • Chinese poetry
  • and many more..

Rather than being passive recipients, our students become active participants in their learning journey! In fact, many parents have been impressed by our classes' ability to capture each and every child's attention throughout the lesson, maximising learning as a result. Don't take our word for it, hear what our parents have to say!

Parents' Voices


Dialogic Reading 

Research has shown that literacy development flourishes from rich human interactions. Children should thus be exposed to Mandarin conversations frequently, and with a wide variety of words, such as idioms, figures of speech etc. used. Reading Mandarin books to children provides us with great opportunities for having both the volume and richness of words.

At YouLe, we take painstaking efforts to source for excellent Mandarin picture-books. Further, we do not simply recite words off the books – a robot could do that. Instead, our unique programme brings story-telling to life through dialogic reading, music and dance, role-playing hands-on activities, etc.. In the process, emergent literacy takes place. More importantly, our goal is to ignite the children’s interests in Mandarin so that they will be motivated to continue reading and learning after lessons.

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