Final Sprint for Our Little Fighters in Last 3 Months!

Most parents often focus on answering skills/writing/oral exams but ignore the most important thing – VOCABULARY. Mandarin is a wonderful yet profound language, a word could consist of multiple pronunciations and meanings, or… words with the same pronunciation but different meanings. To solve this mystery, our professional pedagogies have sorted out some confusing vocabulary for the students, let’s check’em out and score a good result in PSLE Chinese Examination!

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第一课:“理想” vs “愿望”

Do you know how to differentiate “理想” and “愿望”? See how to apply them in the sentence!

第三课:“七嘴八舌” vs “异口同声”

Most students tend to torn between “七嘴八舌” and “异口同声” as their meanings are so close to each other! If you are one of them, click on the video above and watch it now! 

第五课:“提高” vs “增强”

“提高”,“增强”? hmm…cracking your heads to understand them profoundly and clearly? Watch here!

第二课:“津津有味” vs “兴致勃勃”

Are “津津有味” and “兴致勃勃” the same? The answer is NO! Watch this video to find out more. 🤗

第四课: “增添”,“增加”,“增长”

“增添”,“增加”,“增长” – too complicated to understand? We are here to solve your questions! 🤗

第六课:“只有……就” vs “只有……才”

Mandarin phrases can be really…confusing at times. 只有…就,只有…才, they may seemed very similar and easy to catch but when it comes to applying them in a sentence, have you got’em right?

第七课:“丰富” vs “充足”

丰富 and 充足, both sound easy? Nonetheless…the explanation of them are otherwise.

第九课:“连续” vs “继续”

连续 vs 继续, it’s not too hard to understand once you know how to differentiate them. Watch now!

第八课:“充分” vs “充满”

充分、充满, both consist of the same ONE word but the difference between them is unpredictable.

第十课:“尽管……还……” vs “不管……都……”

It’s never too difficult to implement two different types of related words in a sentence once you know how to differentiate them! We believe you have slowly but surely get the hang of it!

第十一课:“与其……不如……” vs “不是……而是……”

Down to the last lesson of our PSLE Know What’s Right! It’s incredible having each and every one of you during this journey! Stay tuned for more videos like these😉📝

Keep a lookout for more lessons! 

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