Our Edge

Backed by Science, Delivered by Passion.

At YouLe Mandarin Centre, we want all our students to attain true mastery of Mandarin, that is, being proficient and confident in listening (听), speaking (说), reading (读) and writing (写) in Mandarin. That is why our team of early childhood education specialists have meticulously structured our curriculum using our very own proprietary YOULE METHODOLOGY to maximise learning opportunities for our students to master each of these skills through their budding years.

Our Mandarin programmes are specially designed for pre-schoolers as they grow up from ages 1 to 6. Starting from young, we infuse our Mandarin Alive Playgroup classes (for ages 1 to 3) with joy and seamlessly weave rich whole-brain stimulating activities into our classes. Our students can thus grow to love Mandarin in a fun and comfortable environment whilst building a solid foundation for accelerated learning at the same time.

As our students advance, through our Mandarin Literacy & Fluency classes, we progressively impart our Nursery to Kindergarten classes (for ages 3 to 6) with technical elements, such as characters recognition and strokes practice, hanyu pinyin, grammar rules and vocabulary building, show-and-tell and class performances as well as oral and pictorial comprehension, to get our students ready and confident of future learning in primary schools and beyond.

To enhance our students’ learning journey and to give them an all-rounded Mandarin experience, our Mandarin Speech & Drama classes offer the stage for our students to individually and collectively shine with confidence whilst our Mandarin Immersion classes gives our students extra exposure to be truly immersed in a Mandarin environment.


Our brain comprises 2 hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain, with differing functions and information processing approaches. The left brain manages many aspects of language and logic; whereas the right brain handles spatial information and visual comprehension. The left brain processes information linearly (from part to whole) whilst the right brain processes information holistically (from whole to part).

Dated brain theories hypothesized that individuals are either left brain-dominant or right brain-dominant, hence popularising one-sided brain training for the so-called “weaker” side. However, with modern technology, neuroscientists now know that both sides of the brain actually constantly communicate to perform a wide variety of tasks. This means, in order for our children to realise their latent potential, it is crucial to develop their brain as a whole.

Backed by this latest scientific evidence, our seasoned brain-training practitioners have systematically incorporated unique age-appropriate brain activities into all our classes and deliver them in a lively and energizing fashion. Our students thus receive the best forms of stimulation to both their left brain and right brain during our classes, and will enjoy greatly enhanced cognitive abilities that will benefit them as they progress in life.

YouLe students bonding during outdoor learning


Besides imparting Mandarin skills and stimulating our students’ whole-brain development, it is equally important that our students grow up to be morally-upright and sociably-active adults. Thus, we make it a point to use every teaching opportunity to impart our students with the right moral values: Respect, Integrity, Diligence, Compassion and Gratitude. At the same time, we also strongly encourage active participation and interaction between all our students and accompanying adults in our classes to foster greater social cohesion and parent-child bonding.

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