Dear Parents,

Welcome and thank you for visiting YouLe Mandarin Enrichment! Our name stems from two Chinese characters “You 优” which means Excellence, and “Le乐” which means Joy. It signifies our motto: Excellence and Joy in Mandarin learning.

Our vision

As an educator and parent, I share the same sentiments of wanting our children to have a bright future,image of raymond, founder of Youle Mandarin enrichment especially in this rapidly changing and increasingly bicultural world. It is our hope that over and above getting good grades, children develop habits and skills that will carry them through life, such as a love for reading and learning, as well as the confidence in expressing themselves not just in one but multiple languages.

To this end, our Mandarin enrichment is backed by research into how children best learn languages. We want to bring the most effective pedagogies into our classroom so that students can master Mandarin efficiently and precious time outside of class can be dedicated for family and cultivating other interests.

Goal of our mandarin enrichment

Nothing delights us parents more than to hear our little ones speak their first word, form their first sentence, or chatter away excitedly about what they did over the day. Indeed, our little language geniuses love to tell stories and be told stories. Besides developing language skills in the process, they are actually also honing important social skills and traits such as creativity, empathy and humor.

Through the use of carefully selected stories, the goal of our mandarin enrichment at YouLe is thus to bring the children from page to stage. Because every child is unique, our multimodal lessons bring the stories found in Mandarin books to life in a variety of ways. In the process, we want to inculcate in our students a love for reading and plant in them the seeds for blossoming into full-fledged storytellers and communicators, brimming with creativity and charisma.

However, the best palette without a good artist will not produce a magnificent painting. As such, besides being experts in their subject matter, our teachers must more importantly be able to bring out the best from the children through strong rapport and deft guidance.

With this, I will like to extend a warm invitation to you and your little ones to try out our programme. Join us on this journey to raise our kids to even greater heights!



Raymond Cai (MEd, NIE)

Founder, YouLe Mandarin

image of youle mandarin enrichment founder and baby

About Founder

Raymond has been immersed in the Singapore education scene since 2005, with stints in MOE and various private settings. He obtained a Masters in Education from the National Institute of Singapore in 2013, specialising in Teaching and Curriculum, and have also studied Chinese Thought and Culture at Peking University. He is proficient in Mandarin, Early Childhood, as well as Gifted Education.

A huge proponent of using a literature-based approach for effective learning, Raymond set about creating a rich, bilingual environment for his child when he became a father in 2014. However, while english-based books and programmes are all around, excellent chinese books and mandarin enrichment for toddlers are much harder to find. This is where the idea for YouLe Mandarin arose! Overseeing the curriculum at YouLe, Raymond wishes to offer like-minded parents an environment where Mandarin learning becomes fun and enriching.