Parents on a Mission

PARENTS ON A MISSION To further YouLe’s mission to nurture confidence in Mandarin from young, we have decided to offer complimentary workshops for parents to pick up tips and tools on how to spark their kids’ interests in Mandarin speaking at home! YouLe Parents...

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Chinese New Year: The Reunion Dinner

The biggest hallmark of any festive season would definitely be the feasting, and the Chinese New Year is no different. Held on the eve of the first day of Chinese New Year, the 团圆饭 (reunion dinner) is a meal that is especially important for Chinese families and is one...

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Chinese New Year: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac

Ushering in the Year of the Dog: Legend of the 12 Zodiacs Chinese New Year is fast approaching and with it comes a whole host of superstitions to avoid. According to Chinese superstition, doing things such as consuming medicine, sweeping the floors and even meeting...

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