Parents' Praises for our Mandarin programme

My daughters, Chen Huien P3 and Chen Huixuan P2 have been attending Chinese lessons with Teacher Sally since year Oct 15. Through her attentive and innovative way of teaching the Chinese language fundamentals, they improved in their vocabulary and words recognition tremendously. She also uses new media with traditional text book materials to keep the supplementary exercises interesting and engaging.
Keep it up Teacher Sally!

Anne (Huien's and Huixuan's Mum)

Since we moved to Singapore one of the the things we wanted for our son Oskar was to be fluent in Mandarin.

Youle is helping Oskar achieve this by combining very efficient teaching methods which combine work and play. This experience allows Oskar to stay focused and truly enjoy the process of learning Mandarin.

Thank you Youle very much for taking Oskar to the next level and for enabling his (non-mandarin speaking) parents play a fun and interactive part in this journey!

Adam Lindstrom (Oskar's Dad)

I started scouting for a Holiday Programme for my son to continuously learn Mandarin even on a school holiday. I wanted to support him as we discovered that he learns quickly and is eager to learn the language. Since none of us speak Chinese at home, I can say that it’s a blessing and one of the best decisions we made as parent to enrol my 3.5 year old son then. Joaquin has been at Youle Mandarin for less than a year and I have nothing but positive things to say.

Nan Nan Lao Shi is sweet, caring, and bubbly. I feel that she really takes time to engage Joaquin’s learning style and personality. She is passionate and loving towards children. I must say that she is highly commendable for significantly nurturing my son’s interest to learn Mandarin. Her dedication, hardwork and love is clearly eveident as my son basically wakes up every morning to check whether we are going to Nan Nan Lao Shi and looks forward to attending the class. His love to learn Mandarin has flourished and is developing immensely. He is starting to converse in sentences and has become more confident.

The carefully crafted programme has helped him to gain more interest and learn while having fun. He loves singing and dancing with Youle Mandarin online songs, listening to Youle’s audio books and reading simple Chinese story books and recognising his Chinese character flashcards. As a parent, this makes me happy and proud.

I highly recommend Youle Mandarin Centre to any parent who wants a good foundation of learning Mandarin that is not only engaging, fun and delightful for their children!

Edz Mejia (Joaquin's Mum)

Our daughter looooves the Youle Preschool Mandarin program, she literally beams with joy anytime we are on our way to the lesson. The program is extremely engaging and very effective and my daughter's mandarin has improved significantly. The attention to details is also impressive: everything from the highly immersive activities during the lesson, the activities prepared for home, the availability of audio books for home reading - as a (non-mandarin speaker) parent you are guided through everything easily and you can be part of your child's learning journey too. The teacher is full of energy and very talented and patient and every kid feels appreciated, encouraged and nurtured. I can't recommend YouLe Tanglin enough!

Iolanda Meehan (Maili's Mum)

We are so impressed with what Teacher Joanne has managed to do within 1 semester ! Our child has progressed from disliking mandarin to singing mandarin songs everynow and again! He surprises me when he uses words he picks up from the classes too! There is obviously much to improve but we are confident that he will continue to develop his love for the language with the fun and engaging lessons conducted by the teachers at Youle!!!

Stephanie Robertson (Jamie's Mum)

I am very impressed with the progress Annabelle has made at Youle. She started out staring blankly at me when I spoke to her in mandarin and now she automatically speaks or sings to me in mandarin. I have noticed she started speaking mandarin at her 3rd lesson and she takes away 1-2 new Chinese words every time she goes to class. She truly enjoys going to Youle and I can tell that the teacher has a great influence on her taking an interest in Chinese. Youle's teachers are dedicated with great passion, full of vibes and love for children. I have been recommending Youle to my friends whenever they asked what school Annabelle attends.

Irene Seet (Annabelle's Mum)

My daughter, Calyn, started attending You Le when she was 2 and has been looking forward to every lesson. I started Calyn on the program with You Le with the intention of preparing my daughter for her pre school at a full mandarin kindergarten the year she'll be turning 3.

Considering the fact that she has not attended any other mandarin lessons prior to joining You Le, I am very happy with my daughter's progress and improvements made thus far. From the stories, music, flash cards, art & craft etc, every activity is well planned, engaging and interesting. A lot of effort and time have also been invested in preparing the teaching materials and we truly appreciate the sincerity behind the customized materials.

Calyn also enjoy the story books, songs and audio books prepared by the school which makes a good bonding opportunity with my daughter after class. I'm pleased to see my little girl recollecting what she did in class, how she enjoyed her time with her friends and the teachers, making simple conversations in Mandarin, as well as reciting poems, singing songs and recognizing Chinese characters learnt in class. It has been an awesome learning journey for my daughter with You Le and I'm happy to see her truly enjoying herself.


Jean Ang (Calyn's Mum)

It is without reservations that I strongly recommend Gao Laoshi! She has been teaching our son and daughter since 2015 and has been performing greatly beyond expectation, to the privilege of our kids. Gao Laoshi is an enthusiastic and creative teacher who can deliver new teaching methods to suit our children's learning styles. With that, our son and daughter have improved tremendously in their mid-year examinations scoring "Band 1" and "Band 2" when they were only at "Band 3" before engaging her.

Being an excellent role model, Teacher Sally is a very responsible and patient teacher that not only shows concern for academics but also guides and ensure students are happy and show interests in learning. In this end, she will go the extra mile to make Mandarin more fun, and will build close relationship with her students in order for them to enjoy lessons. Once again, I fully encourage looking for good teachers for their kids to consider Teacher Sally.


John Paul Li and Elize Teo

Teacher Joanne is amazing! She makes the Chinese language come alive with multi sensory stimulation, inspirational Chinese poems, flash cards, drama, song and dance, hands on creative activities for the children to stay engaged throughout the session.. To be honest, I myself am renewing my love for the language through her classes..Enjoy the various toys and tools she brings out each week, making each session completely different from the last and at the same time there's the right amount of repetition in each session to facilitate learning..My girl thoroughly enjoys herself every week!


Evangeline (Shiloh's mum)

Our daughter Camille has been attending Youle Mandarin since the age of 17 months.  At first we were unsure whether a child could benefit from the classes at such a young age, but after seeing the results, we wish we had started even earlier.

Joanne is an engaging, energetic and passionate teacher and both parents and children are certain to fall in love with her before the first lesson is over.  The programme is carefully designed and incorporates an excellent variety of materials to capture a young child’s attention.  The small class size also means that every child can participate actively in all activities and bond with their peers.

Youle Mandarin has helped Camille’s development in many areas beyond Mandarin skills.  The classes have boosted her confidence in interacting with other children and adults.  She has also shown increased appreciation of music, dance and storytelling.

We recommend Youle Mandarin wholeheartedly to every parent.  We will be enrolling Camille’s newborn brother as soon as he is old enough!


Brad and Winny Wilson (Camille's parents)

Teacher Joanne has been absolutely brilliant! 

She's been very warm, sincere, patient & loving towards my son & also our family.
Love her teaching style & the way school is run.
Highly enjoyable for both students & parents alike!
Their preschool mandarin curriculum is lively & individually catered to needs of students.
One can immediately sense the years of experience & sensitivity Teacher Joanne possesses; there's no "hard-sell" tactics hence we were inclined to enrol our son as soon as we could.
I wish the school much success!

Cindy Tan (Dylan's mom)

Joanne is a very motivated and sweet teacher who really knows what she is talking about and doing in her teaching. It's as if she was born to become a preschool mandarin teacher and that's exactly what she is doing! Sherlock started learning Mandarin with Joanne at the age of 1.5 years, and that is the age where they start to recognize faces and become fussy with new faces and some people for no reason. Sherlock had no problem learning from Joanne and he looked forward to her classes. She would come to class everyday with new activities, and I was really amazed as she spends a lot of time preparing for the class and she really cares about her students. They of course have short attention spans but Joanne was good getting Sherlock's attention back as soon as he lost it. She really believes in learning through fun activities and doesn't force the kids to do rote learning which definitely would put kids off. I highly recommend Youle preschool mandarin and anyone who is looking into having their kids speak proper Mandarin should get her to teach their kids.

Kaoru Gleissner (Sherlock's mom)

Dear Nan Nan 老师,

In this festive season, I would like to extend my appreciation. You have been very enthusiastic, encouraging and passionate about the children. I can see your sincerity and concern towards the Shichida kids. Hope that your passion and love towards your work can be maintained and I look forward to more lessons and influence on my Hng Hng in more positive ways. Although he can seem indifferent and 'cool', I know he can feel your 真心. He often tells me, "sticker.. choo choo.. car car.. Nan Nan.. Hug hug..". Hence, he definitely feels positively towards you. May your career and other aspects of life soar to greater heights! Last but not least, have a super Merry Christmas and a smashing New Year! Have a blast!

Jean, (Hng Hng's mom)

A big credit goes to Teacher Joanne for her excellent delivery of lessons. She can communicate very proficiently in both English and Mandarin. Joanne is also a capable and experienced teacher who possessed competent pedagogy skills. She exhibited a burning and infectious passion towards teaching. Her patient and kindness with children is clearly evident.  I was touched by her passion, dedication and thoughtfulness. My younger daughter loves her and truly enjoys her lessons.

Esther (Tricia's mom)

Teacher Joanne is very engaging, and Boyuan loves attending her classes. She always has ways to keep the kids in class focused. We also made our own flash cards at home and practice with Boyuan every day. He could now recognize a number of Chinese characters and recite several poems we read to him, including part of the three-character scripture (《三字经》)

Ms Ren Yu (Boyuan's mom)