Chinese Speech and Drama

(Mandarin Fluency classes)

With our rigorously developed curriculum, our Chinese Speech & Drama classes for nursery and kindergarten children aims to bring mandarin from page to stage, where children not only love reading, but are confident in expressing themselves in Mandarin.

Express yourself! Mandarin with confidence

Age Group: 3 - 6 years old

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Frequency: Option of Once or Twice a week

Stories are as an important medium to impart grammar skills about how a language should be used. More importantly, stories also teach us about life, through which students learn empathy, humor, problem solving and morals.

Our Chinese Speech & Drama Programme brings stories alive for kids through role-playing, craft work, music and movement, debate and many other interesting activities. In the process, our students learn social and communication skills through team-work and discussions with their teachers and peers. Through our multi-modal and participatory learning approach, our students gain confidence in expressing themselves through speech, art and performance.


We often hear parents lament that although their child are exposed to Chinese in school or other enrichment classes, they seldom and dislike speaking in Mandarin. This stems from 2 main reasons: lack of practice and lack of confidence. As such, our Chinese Speech & Drama programme encourages students to express themselves through multiple mediums. Through various multimodal activities, we allow students to find their niche in expression. Our small class size allows students to receive greater attention and affirmation from our caring and passionate teachers, while at the same time not sacrificing the social aspects of language learning.

In Chinese Speech & Drama, our students will:

  • Develop an interest in learning Chinese language and culture.
  • Be confident in expressing themselves in Mandarin
  • Develop social skills such as empathy and humour as they interact with their peers
  • Learn about good morals as espoused through the stories.


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