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YouLe Mandarin Speech & Drama Programme


Stories and dramas are an important medium to impart vocabulary and grammar skills about how a language should be used. More importantly, these stories and dramas also teach us about life, through which our students learn empathy, humour, problem-solving and moral values.


Goals of our Programme

  • Develop an interest in learning Chinese language and culture.
  • Be confident in expressing themselves in Mandarin
  • Develop social skills such as empathy and humour as they interact with their peers
  • Learn about good morals as espoused through the stories
"YouLe makes Mandarin comes alive with multi-sensory stimulation, inspirational Chinese poems, flash cards, drama, song and dance, hands on creative activities for the children to stay engaged throughout the session."
Evangeline, Shiloh's Mum

From Page to Stage our Chinese Speech & drama classes nurture confidence and social cognitive skills


Our Mandarin Speech & Drama Programme for children age 3 to 6 aims to bring Mandarin from page to stage, where children not only develop a love for reading, but are also confident in expressing themselves in Mandarin. Through participative activities like role-playing (with life-like props), poetry recitals, craftwork, music-&-movement, debates and presentations, our students enjoy unbridled freedom to practice Mandarin with their teachers and classmates.

We conduct our class activities in a group orientation, which promotes a great deal of interaction and teamwork between our young performers. Our students learn to help one another and co-operate with group members to achieve team objectives. These enable our students to pick up vital social skills, etiquettes and teamwork, which will be put to great use in school and in life.

At regular intervals, parents and family members are provide with updates on how their young prodigies are performing in class. This is our platform for students to individually and collectively shine with their newfound confidence and skills in Mandarin in front of their families. These performances provide immense encouragement and boost to our students’ confidence and esteem, making them bold and brave to face the world!


Our daughter looooves the Youle Preschool Mandarin program, she literally beams with joy anytime we are on our way to the lesson. The program is extremely engaging and very effective and my daughter's mandarin has improved significantly. The attention to details is also impressive: everything from the highly immersive activities during the lesson, the activities prepared for home, the availability of audio books for home reading - as a (non-mandarin speaker) parent you are guided through everything easily and you can be part of your child's learning journey too. The teacher is full of energy and very talented and patient and every kid feels appreciated, encouraged and nurtured. I can't recommend YouLe enough!

Iolanda Meehan (Maili's Mum)

I started scouting for a Holiday Programme for my son to continuously learn Mandarin even on a school holiday. I wanted to support him as we discovered that he learns quickly and is eager to learn the language. Since none of us speak Chinese at home, I can say that it’s a blessing and one of the best decisions we made as parent to enrol my 3.5 year old son then. Joaquin has been at YouLe Mandarin for less than a year and I have nothing but positive things to say.

The teachers are really sweet, caring, and bubbly. I feel that they really take time to engage Joaquin’s learning style and personality. Joaquin's teacher is passionate and loving towards children. I must say that she is highly commendable for significantly nurturing my son’s interest to learn Mandarin. Her dedication, hardwork and love is clearly eveident as my son basically wakes up every morning to check whether we are going to YouLe and looks forward to attending the class. His love to learn Mandarin has flourished and is developing immensely. He is starting to converse in sentences and has become more confident.

The carefully crafted programme has helped him to gain more interest and learn while having fun. He loves singing and dancing with Youle Mandarin online songs, listening to Youle’s audio books and reading simple Chinese story books and recognising his Chinese character flashcards. As a parent, this makes me happy and proud.

I highly recommend Youle Mandarin Centre to any parent who wants a good foundation of learning Mandarin that is not only engaging, fun and delightful for their children!

Edz Mejia (Joaquin's Mum)

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