Youle Adult Accompanied Playgroup Age 18 to 36 months Toddlers
Youle Adult Accompanied Playgroup Age 18 to 36 months Toddlers

Unlock your child’s language milestones

YouLe’s Playgroup is our signature parent-chaperoned class, designed to make s young children learn Chinese in a fun and enjoyable environment. Do you know, by the age of 3, a child has around 1,000 trillion brain connections (synapses)! Our multi-sensorial activities capitalise on this golden window to efficiently and effectively unlock your child’s linguistic milestones, including the ability to hear Mandarin phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin), recognise basic words, and utter their first phrases.

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First in Singapore Whole Brain Approach playgroup

YouLe is proud to be the first centre in Singapore to incorporate a whole brain (全脑开发) approach to developing a playgroup programme for infants and toddlers!

Our classes introduce your little learners to elementary Mandarin and attune their senses to the sounds and language flow in Mandarin. Countless elements of brain stimulation such as flashcards, melodic Orff music, purposeful play and multi-sensory activities are implemented for the development of these toddlers’ brains. At the same time, it also germinates in them interest and love for Chinese!

Every lesson, your little ones will be fully engaged through fun, brain-stimulating activities so that they pick up Mandarin, develop their cognitive skills, gain an appreciation of arts and music, improve their motor skills all at the same time. This is essential for their healthy whole brain development.

At Youle, we also understand a child’s need for a sense of attachment before they feel secure enough to explore and interact with their environment. Thus, Youle’s playgroup is ultimately designed to involve parents and children together, which enables precious moments of parent-child bonding and shared experiences!

Happy Parents & Students

Our daughter Camille has been attending YouLe Mandarin since the age of 17 months. At first we were unsure whether a child could benefit from the parent-accompanied classes at such a young age, but after seeing the results, we wish we had started even earlier

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Winny (Camille's mummy)

“I am very impressed with the progress Annabelle has made at YouLe. She started out staring blankly at me when I spoke to her in Mandarin and now she automatically speaks or sings to me in Mandarin… “

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Irene Seet (Annabelle's mummy)

“We are so impressed with what Jamie’s teacher has managed to do within 1 semester ! Our child has progressed from disliking mandarin to singing mandarin songs everynow and again!… “

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Stephanie (Jamie's Mummy)

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