Adhering closely to the MOE syllabus and backed by our philosophy to deliver excellent education through joy, our team of award-winning educators and curriculum developers are here to gear up our students to ace their primary school Chinese.

Our Literacy & Fluency classes for Primary 1 to 6 enables your child to score impressively in listening, speaking, reading, writing and MOE school examinations; but more importantly, we nurture in our students the confidence in Chinese and awareness of the Chinese culture which will benefit them in life beyond school!

P1 – P6
max 9
2 hr/weekly
Physical and Online



What Makes YouLe Special?
  • Limiting each class size to a cosy maximum of 8
  • YouLe conducts exams every term to understand students’ progress
  • Assessment is conducted before the student enrols to better gauge students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Frequent updates to parents on child’s performance in class
  • Highly qualified teaching specialist aims to help students scoring exam/PSLE with flying colours
  • Heuristics approach in the learning process
  • Admonishment on answering techniques

Let our students tell you what they think about our classes!

Happy Parents & Students

Like many other kids, my daughter is not interested in Mandarin. She has gone to several other Chinese tuition classes but she didn’t like it. Not until she joined YouLe.
She is now enjoying the lessons very much. Her Chinese improved noticeably within just a few months are joining YouLe.
I believe the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers really made a huge difference. Classes in YouLe also conducted in small class size, her class has less than 5 children, all kids are getting equal attention from the teacher. It really helps as the teacher can identify and help my child in the area where my child needs the most attention.
Thank you YouLe!!

Chloe Leong

Joan's mummy

We as a parent is glad to see our children have shown interest and improvement in Chinese.
My son is looking forward to his Chinese class every Thursday. The teachers in Youle is caring and patience towards the student. And always follow up with parents on the child progress. On top of that, the teacher will also guide my son on his weekly 听写 and school test to see which session of the test he is weak at. We appreciate the help and guidance from the teachers from 优乐。



Jasmine Ho

Anson's mummy

Before joining Youle, my son refused to speak in Mandarin and always score below C in school. Kudos to Jiang Laoshi and Youle team! I enrolled him when he is in P5 and he is able to score an A in his PSLE result! I am surprised by the result. Thank you for the well-planned lessons, his Mandarin has improved by leaps and bounds!




Valerie Chiam

Nathan's mummy

YouLe Mandarin