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YouLe Mandarin Literacy & Fluency Programme

Our Mandarin Literacy & Fluency Programme is specially designed for children from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2, where our pre-schoolers master Mandarin literacy and fluency just as the language is used in daily life. Through this pre-school enrichment class, our young readers and writers attain both confidence and competency in Mandarin, and go on to achieve academic success in primary schools with ease.


Goals of our Programme

  • Nurture a strong interest for Mandarin and independent learning
  • Develop a strong Mandarin language foundation in preparation for formal schooling
  • Learn critical early literacy skills, including recognising high-frequency vocabulary, Chinese strokes, Han Yu Pin Yin, grammatical structure
  • Through our small class size, nurture confidence in communicating in Mandarin
  • Develop cognitive skills such as memory skills, fine motor skills in writing

"The programme is extremely engaging and very effective and my daughter's Mandarin has improved significantly. The attention to details is also impressive: everything from the highly immersive activities during the lesson, the activities prepared for home, the availability of audio books for home reading-as a parent you are guided through everything easily and you can be part of your child's learning journey too."

Iolanda, Maili's Mum

Never a dull moment

... a glimpse into what our students love about our favorite Chinese Preschool enrichment classes

Never believing in rote learning or simply regurgitating from textbooks, our classes are filled with fun and yet educational activities and games to keep our students engaged. Through stories, music, poetry and vocabulary flashcards, our Nursery students learn high-frequency Mandarin words and start writing their very first Mandarin characters! As they advance to Kindergarten years, our students pick up a sizeable vocabulary bank, learn essential grammar rules and grasp hanyu pinyin.

Our students also do craftwork and music-&-dance to arouse their artistic creativity, improve their music appreciation and hone their motor skills. Our little geniuses enjoy a truly holistic education and are always eager to come back to learn more.

We keep our classes small so that our students have many opportunities to have 1-to-1 conversations with their teachers, interact closely with their peers and enjoy the freedom to voice themselves in Mandarin.

Beyond classroom

... specially designed take-home materials and resources to further enhance students' primary school-readiness

Complementing our classroom learning, our students receive many resources, including home practices, pictograph flashcards, reading booklets and online library of songs, videos and quizzes. We also curated a fine library of quality Mandarin books for borrowing. We are heartened that many parents and students absolutely love these resources beyond the classroom!



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