Youle Mandarin Alive Playgroup Class
Youle Mandarin Alive Playgroup Class (mobile)
P1 – P6
max 9
2 hr/weekly
Physical and Online

YouLe Creative Chinese Composition & Oral

Students often find composition writing and Chinese oral stressful even though they have a strong Chinese foundation. “I don’t know what to write!”, is a common frustration heard by parents and teachers alike. This is because beyond just good language ability, Chinese composition and Oral require students to also demonstrate creativity, confidence and coherence. 

To help students tackle these problems, our team of award-winning educators and curriculum developers aim to help students build confidence as well as to grasp the mastery of speaking and writing in Mandarin. Our Creative Chinese Composition and Oral for Primary 1 to 6 enables our students not only to ace their school examination with flying colours but also manifest a genuine love to communication in Mandarin in everyday life!




Additional oral practices are carried-out to ameliorate their usage of good phrases and writing fluency.


Training on divergent thinking to intensify on the students’ creativity when writing stories, and even retelling them.


Attain confidence to effortlessly face primary school written and oral exams, felt as if you never lift a finger.


Role-playing via thematic context reinforced to solidify their understanding of sentence structure, building vocabulary, understanding of Chinese culture.


Potentially steer students towards the achievement in examinations with our in-house class materials that cover beyond MOE syllabus. 

Programme Highlights

Creative Chinese Composition and Oral allows students to experience different situations and experience joyful learning environment, thereby improving their oral and writing skills, and ultimately achieve self-confidence in expression and fluency in writing.


  • Essay writing (based on SIX pictures)
  • Establish good phrases, writing fluency, and integrated use of language skills.
  • Oral expression training, enhance the ability of retelling and grasp the key points accurately
  • Establish correct values through independent thinking
  • Enhance ability to score impressively in PSLE


  • Role-playing of characters in stories to improve communication skills and enhance imagination

  • Essay writing (based on FOUR pictures)

  • Oral expression training, enhance the ability of retelling and grasp the key points accurately


  • Role-playing of characters in stories to improve communication skills and enhance imagination
  • Tips and tricks on essay writing (5-6 sentences based on ONE picture)
  • Oral expression training

Happy Parents & Students

Jasmine Ho P6's Children

Before joining Youle, my son refused to speak in Mandarin and always score below C in school. Kudos to Jiang Laoshi and Youle team, our children have shown interest and improvement in Chinese after attending the class.
My son is looking forward to his Chinese class every Thursday. The teachers in Youle is caring and patience towards the student. And always follow up with parents on the child progress. On top of that, the teacher will also guide my son on his weekly 听写 and school test to see which session of the test he is weak at. We appreciate the help and guidance from the teachers from 优乐。

On a side note, he scored an A in his PSLE Chinese result! I am surprised by the result. Thank you for the well-planned lessons, his Mandarin has improved by leaps and bounds!

Chloe Leong P6's Children

Like many other kids, my daughter is not interested in Mandarin. She has gone to several other Chinese tuition classes but she didn’t like it. Not until she joined YouLe! She is now enjoying the lessons very much. Her Chinese improved noticeably within just a few months are joining YouLe.

I believe the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers really made a huge difference. Classes in YouLe also conducted in small class size, her class has less than 5 children, all kids are getting equal attention from the teacher. It really helps as the teacher can identify and help my child in the area where my child needs the most attention.
Thank you YouLe!!

YouLe Mandarin