"YouLe is founded by a team of educators and parents. We share the hopes and aspirations of giving our young ones the best chance for future success by nurturing in them a love for learning, a growth mindset and confidence to navigate this ever-changing and increasingly bicultural world. We believe this is best done when children are primed for learning in their early years.

With our diverse range of expertise in language milestones development, whole-brain training and early childhood education, our mission is to help stimulate our students’ interests in Mandarin from early childhood and endow them with the best foundation to bring their Mandarin learning to greater heights."

Raymond Chua

(MEd, National Institute of Education, Singapore)

About Founder

Raymond has been immersed in the Singapore education scene since 2005, image of raymond, founder of Youle Mandarin enrichmentwith stints in MOE and various private settings. He obtained a Masters in Education from the National Institute of Singapore in 2013, specialising in Teaching and Curriculum, and have also studied Chinese Thought and Culture at Peking University. He is proficient in Mandarin, Early Childhood, as well as Gifted Education.

A huge proponent of using an immersive and whole-brain approach for effective learning, Raymond set about creating a rich, bilingual environment for his child when he became a father in 2014. This is where the idea for YouLe Mandarin arose! Overseeing the curriculum at YouLe, Raymond wishes to offer like-minded parents an environment where Mandarin learning becomes enjoyable and enriching.


Dear parents, does your child show:

  • A lack of interests in learning Mandarin?
  • Discomfort in conversing with others in Chinese?
  • Inaccurate pronunciation of chinese characters?

Not to worry, we're confident we can help!


  • Specially crafted pedagogies accelerates children’s learning
  • Cosy class size ensure optimal dialogue opportunities
  • Warm, energetic teachers bring out the best in each child

At YouLe, we inspire our students to not just gain an ability to recognise and read Chinese words, but also confidently converse and use Chinese in everyday life through fluid and interesting ways. 

Besides priming them for the more qualitative assessment in primary schools, the communication skills they learn and the confidence they gain will be immensely beneficial for them in the future!


mandarin teacher interacting with students at youle mandarin enrichment classes for kids

Fabulous Role Models

Highly qualified in early childhood education, angelic in voices and hearts, our teachers are deeply passionate about nurturing children.

children enjoying youle mandarin enrichment classes for kids

Award-winning Curriculum

Informed by the latest in teaching pedagogies, our multi-sensorial curriculum is highly effective at achieving various language milestones.

outdoor chinese class

Augmented Learning

Carefully curated library books for loans, take-home materials such as flash cards, online interactive portal and more.. Learning continues at home!


YouLe really believes in learning through fun activities and doesn’t force the kids to do rote learning which definitely would put kids off. I highly recommend YouLe's Mandarin enrichment classes for kids ranging from toddlers to preschoolers and anyone who is looking into having their kids speak good and proper Mandarin.

Kaoru Gleissner (Sherlock's Mum)

Our family has been with Youle Mandarin for coming up to three years.  Camille began at 17 months old and after seeing the amazing results, we enrolled her younger brother Peter to start at an even younger age.  We have been utterly impressed by their progression and development into confident Chinese speakers, readers and writers.  Most importantly, the children (as well as mummy and daddy) have enjoyed every minute of learning Mandarin with YouLe.

We choose to stay with Youle Mandarin for the following reasons:

(1)  Quality of the teaching staff
YouLe recruits only the best teachers.  Nan Nan Laoshi and her team are engaging, dedicated and passionate about teaching children.  They are very caring and have consistently kept us up-to-date with our children’s progress.

(2)  Materials and teaching methodology
Students are constantly engaged throughout each class and there is never a dull moment.  Every activity is well-planned and varied, including stories, music and movement, art and craft.  We particularly appreciate the support Youle gives to students to continue their learning at home with materials such as reading booklets, a book borrowing system and Mandarin@Home online resources.

(3)  Value for money 
Given the very high standard of teaching and materials at YouLe, we believe the programmes are great value for money and worth every cent.

Start your children on their learning journey with YouLe as soon as possible to give them a strong Chinese language foundation.  Persevere and be rewarded with happy and confident language learners.  We wholeheartedly recommend Youle Mandarin’s programmes to every parent.

Winny & Brad (Peter's Parents)

YouLe Mandarin