Chinese Immersion

Age Group: 3 - 6 years old

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes [snack time included]

Frequency: Twice a week

Our Mandarin Immersion Programme is perfect for immersing children in a total Mandarin environment of holistic education. According to developmental theorist Jean Piaget, it is through sensory and motor experiences that kids develop their cognitive abilities. This is why at YouLe, we make want to make sure all our students are actively engaged and involved in every activity. Featuring the best of our signature Chinese Readers & Writers and Speech & Drama programmes, our students are engaged through dialogic reading, Orff music, dramatic play, creative handicraft work and many more activities during each action-packed lesson. These are specially tailored to improve our students Mandarin literacy and fluency abilities, increase their confidence in the language and enhance their social interaction skills. Boasting a smaller student to teacher ratio, there is dedicated time for individualized conversational practice and customised reinforcement activities based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you are looking for greater exposure for your child in Mandarin, look no further!


In Mandarin Immersion, our students will:

  • Nurture a strong interests for Mandarin and independent learning.
  • Gain an appreciation of Chinese culture.
  • Develop a strong Chinese language foundation in preparation for formal schooling.
  • Learn critical early literacy skills, including recognising high-frequency vocabulary, Chinese strokes, Han Yu Pin Yin, grammatical structure, etc.
  • Be confident in communicating in Chinese, having mastered strong grammatical usage of the language.
  • Learn social skills such as empathy and humour as they interact with their peers
  • Learn about good morals and virtues as espoused through the stories.
  • Develop cognitive skills such as memory skills, fine motor skills in writing



My daughter, Calyn, started attending You Le when she was 2 and has been looking forward to every lesson. I started Calyn on the program with You Le with the intention of preparing my daughter for her pre school at a full mandarin kindergarten the year she'll be turning 3.

Considering the fact that she has not attended any other mandarin lessons prior to joining You Le, I am very happy with my daughter's progress and improvements made thus far. From the stories, music, flash cards, art & craft etc, every activity is well planned, engaging and interesting. A lot of effort and time have also been invested in preparing the teaching materials and we truly appreciate the sincerity behind the customized materials.

Calyn also enjoy the story books, songs and audio books prepared by the school which makes a good bonding opportunity with my daughter after class. I'm pleased to see my little girl recollecting what she did in class, how she enjoyed her time with her friends and the teachers, making simple conversations in Mandarin, as well as reciting poems, singing songs and recognizing Chinese characters learnt in class. It has been an awesome learning journey for my daughter with You Le and I'm happy to see her truly enjoying herself

Jean Ang (Calyn's Mum)

Our daughter Camille has been attending Youle Mandarin since the age of 17 months.  At first we were unsure whether a child could benefit from the classes at such a young age, but after seeing the results, we wish we had started even earlier.

The programme is carefully designed and incorporates an excellent variety of materials to capture a young child’s attention.  The small class size also means that every child can participate actively in all activities and bond with their peers. Youle Mandarin has helped Camille’s development in many areas beyond Mandarin skills.  The classes have boosted her confidence in interacting with other children and adults.  She has also shown increased appreciation of music, dance and storytelling.

We recommend Youle Mandarin wholeheartedly to every parent.  We will be enrolling Camille’s newborn brother as soon as he is old enough!

Brad and Winny Wilson (Camille's parents)