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YouLe Mandarin Alive!

Adult-accompanied Playgroup Programme

Mandarin Alive! is our Signature adult-accompanied playgroup programme created to bring Mandarin alive to infants and toddlers in a fun and enjoyable setting. Within this age group, children are at their curiosity-best and perfectly primed for learning. This is THE golden window period for learning languages as our kiddos can easily understand and mimic words and tones when given the right environment.

"I really value YouLe Chinese Preschool Program as one of the smartest programs in Singapore. I would say it’s a combination of Shichida, Julia Gabriel and Berries."

Kiki Yue, George's Mummy

Goals of our Programme

  • Develop an interest in Mandarin and language learning.
  • Gain familiarity with Mandarin's unique tonality and phonetics.
  • Nurture nascent oracy skills, including pronunciation and voice projection.
  • Gain spatial awareness of the symbolic nature of Chinese characters
  • Develop overall social and cognitive skills such as memory, fine and gross motor skills, musical sensitivity.

What makes our Chinese playgroup for infants and toddlers so unique?

... our students are rightly engaged through fun, brain-stimulating activities so that they pick up Mandarin, develop their cognitive skills, gain an appreciation of arts and music, improve their motor skills all at the same time.


Our programme introduces our young learners to elementary Mandarin and attunes their senses to the sounds and language flow in Mandarin. Through the use of captivating picture books, melodic Orff music, hands-on artwork, purposeful play and multi-sensorial activities, we inculcate in our students a budding love for learning Mandarin.

Underpinning our Mandarin Alive! class, every activity is purposefully choreographed to engage our young learners in Mandarin in a stimulating way. Classes are always conducted in a bubbly manner and incorporate a myriad of brain stimulation elements which are essential for our students’ whole brain development.

Understanding a child’s need for a sense of attachment before they feel secure to explore their environment, Mandarin Alive! is designed to be enjoyed by both the accompanying adult and child. Having an adult accompanying our students will reinforce our students’ interest to learn and lay a strong foundation for language development. Crucially, it is also a precious moment for parent-child bonding, shared experiences and a great way for parents to tell their children “I Love You”.


Our daughter Camille has been attending YouLe Mandarin since the age of 17 months.  At first we were unsure whether a child could benefit from the parent-accompanied classes at such a young age, but after seeing the results, we wish we had started even earlier.

The teacher is engaging, energetic and passionate. Both parents and children are certain to fall in love with her before the first lesson is over.  The programme is carefully designed and incorporates an excellent variety of materials to capture a young child’s attention.  The small class size also means that every child can participate actively in all activities and bond with their peers.

YouLe Mandarin has helped Camille’s development in many areas beyond Mandarin skills.  The classes have boosted her confidence in interacting with other children and adults.  She has also shown increased appreciation of music, dance and storytelling.

We recommend YouLe Mandarin wholeheartedly to every parent.  We will be enrolling Camille’s newborn brother as soon as he is old enough!


Brad and Winny Wilson (Camille's parents)

I am very impressed with the progress Annabelle has made at YouLe. She started out staring blankly at me when I spoke to her in Mandarin and now she automatically speaks or sings to me in Mandarin. I have noticed she started speaking Mandarin at her 3rd lesson and she takes away 1-2 new Chinese words every time she goes to class. She truly enjoys going to YouLe and I can tell that the teacher has a great influence on her taking an interest in Chinese. YouLe's teachers are dedicated with great passion, full of vibes and love for children. I have been recommending YouLe to my friends whenever they asked what school Annabelle attends

Irene Seet (Annabelle's mummy)

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