Mandarin Expression!

(for kiddos in Kindergarten)


Mandarin Expression programme nurture students’ love for learning and confidence in Mandarin by strengthening their literacy and oracy skills, as well as exposing them to great literature and contemporary relevance. Through use of proprietary IT resources, word games and video stories, students engage in chinese conversation and composition in a more palatable way. Our teachers are trained to encourage academic excellence from the students while at the same time keeping the lesson fun and enjoyable.

In Mandarin Expression, our students will:

  • Develop an interest in learning Chinese language and culture through reading and online resources.
  • Be confident in expressing themselves through both the spoken and written word.
  • Learn important literacy skills, including Han Yu Pin Yin, grammatical structure, idioms, recognise and write high-frequency vocabulary
  • Develop cognitive skills such as memory and answering techniques.

our son and daughter have improved tremendously in their mid-year examinations scoring “Band 1” and “Band 2” when they were only at “Band 3” before

John Paul Li and Elize Teo

YouLe Mandarin
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