Will the exam be easy? No. After hearing the seminar? Oh, Absolutely!

As soon as the PSLE Oral exam is over, its already time for the students to get ready for their second battle. 

Day by day, questions from parents such as “How to ensure success in the PSLE Chinese Exam?” emerged like an avalanche. To help you, our teachers will be sharing tips and strategies for PSLE students to score with flying colours! 🏆 In this Online Seminar, you and your kids will:

✅ Hear about the most effective way you can better support your child in preparing for their PSLE Chinese exam.
✅ Understand why Comprehension is the hardest part to score in their exam.
✅ Get a clearer picture of how to score in Paper 1 (writing composition) and Paper 2 (comprehension).
✅ Pick up some answering tactics on answering Comprehension and writing composition for your child to score higher during the exam.

Mark your calendar!

Remember to attend the seminar together with your children, so that you can guide them when they need an extra push!

Let’s join the talk with our professional teacher “孟老师“!Register now to be the first 30 registry and redeem a free ticket for this talk!

Date – 15 August 2021 (Sunday)
Time – 3.00pm
Duration – 1.5 hours

Register now before all free tickets are taken!

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