Provide your child with one last boost for Primary School Chinese Readiness!

Wonder how you can alleviate your child’s anxiety of starting primary school?

Worry about your little one’s Chinese when they are about to enter Primary school?

Clueless about your child current level of Chinese learning? 

The transition from preschool to primary school is a big step – not only for children but also for parents! 

Let us lend you a helping hand to overcome this transition stage by 

teaching your child 100 Chinese Character in 4 sessions!

   Many parents have asked why is this Primary School Chinese Readiness important for my kid?

 ✔️ 80% of the Chinese words in Primary 1 school textbook will be covered in these 4 sessions.

 ✔️ Provide a good head-start by building their foundation in Chinese.

 ✔️ Students will learn how to recognise the words and will be learning how to apply these words in their daily life conversations.

 ✔️ To strengthen students’ literacy skills by able to read some simple sentences/words to give them the advantage they need in the class. 

 ✔️ Boost students’ confidence and set them up nicely for the upcoming oral test in their primary school journey.

 ✔️ Students get to improve their writing skills through after-school exercises.

Most importantly, students will be attending 1-to-1 interactive live session. Teacher can customise the teaching style according to students learning pace! 

Intensive lesson package include:

  • $198 Nett for 4 sessions 

  • 30 minutes 1-to-1 interactive live session

  • 100 common words flashcard

  • After-class writing worksheet

*Slot will be reserved upon payment.

We accept Bank Transfer or PayNow. Our colleague will send you the invoice and get in touch with you once you have filled up the form. 

Let’s see how interactive our students in K2 Literacy and Fluency class:

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