Han Yu Pin Yin

Facing difficulty coaching your children hanyu pinyin (Mandarin phonetics)? Worried that your children are still not familiar with their “bo-po-mo-fo”s and lag behind in Primary school. Fret not!

Get your child ready for Chinese in Primary school with our fun and highly effective Han Yu Pin Yin Class!

K1, K2, P1 & P2

6 to 8 / Physical
4 to 6 / Online

1.5 Hour / Physical
1 Hour/ Online
Once a week

Physical and Online

YouLe Han Yu Pin Yin Programme

(a continuous 12-week programme)

Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme is a fun and interactive programme catering to K2 and P1 students to get them ready for the rigorous hanyu pinyin regime in primary schools. Over our intensive 12-week programme, our students progress from mastering pronunciation of building block characters, to recognising the four tonal variations, reading aloud sentences and passages in hanyu pinyin, to eventually forming hanyu pinyin accurately on their own. These abilities boost our students’ confidence and set them up nicely for their primary school journey.


Goals of our Programme

Enhances interest in Mandarin and language learning.

Improves Mandarin diction, articulation and voice projection.

Hones sensitivity to Mandarin tonal variations.

Accelerates Chinese character recognition.

Excels in primary school hanyu pinyin curriculum.

Why choose us?

Perfect role models

Taught by our native Mandarin speaking teachers, our students get to learn the clear and accurate pronunciation of Chinese characters. It is critical that our students pick up Mandarin phonetics through non-accented speech and dialogues as these will aid in their Mandarin diction and forming hanyu pinyin greatly.

Small group setting

Conducted in a small group, our students enjoy abundant practice opportunities, both in terms of speaking and listening, during class time. Our teachers are also able to maintain individualised attention on each student’s learning progress and provide supplemental learning where needed. This truly ensures that our students achieve the learning objectives at the end of the day.

Take home materials

At the end of each lesson, our students get to take home additional materials to continue their learning. These include pictorial cards, home practices, interactive activity sheets that add more relevance to what is taught in class. Our students adore these materials, and at the same time, give the parents a very good idea of our students learning progress!

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