Youle Mandarin Alive Playgroup Class
Youle Mandarin Alive Playgroup Class


We are now offering Home-based Learning!

In light of the CoVid-19 situation in Singapore, MOE schools have been suspended from the month of April, but learning for your child does not need to stop! YouLe's classes are now conducted live in small-groups to help your kids learn Mandarin effectively at home. Our lively teachers bring the lessons to life, ensuring engagement and maximum learning! 

Give your child an edge now! 

~ Class snippets & Motivating words from our Parents ~

Thank you everyone for working together to give the little ones an effective and memorable learning journey towards their PSLE Chinese! 



YouLe Literacy & FluencyTM programme

YouLe Literacy & FluencyTM is our signature programme that aims to develop not just the ability to effectively read and write Chinese, but also to nurture a strong confidence in verbal expression.

YouLe L&F 优乐教学体系特色:


Placing your child at the centre of learning
Our student-centric learning places the emphasis on the students. This is why an assessment is conducted before the student enrolls, and subsequently on a regular basis. This allows the teacher to understand each student strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly their interests and dislikes. By limiting each class size to a cosy maximum of 8, our teachers can then cater each lesson to guide every child to achieve their maximum potential, both in Chinese learning and their personal development!

优乐小学班 YouLe primary school:


Best in all-rounded Chinese enrichment
Much of students’ disdain for Chinese comes from having to memorize tons of vocabulary and idioms. By encompassing speech & drama, games-based learning, and whole-brain stimulation techniques, our curriculum is designed to fully engage students. In the process, they do not feel the dread of learning and instead find the lesson both challenging and fun. At home, they will be willing to put in the effort to learn more to “up their game”, much to the delight of our parents.



Following closely to the MOE’s syllabus, we impart students techniques to help them ace their school assessments, both qualitative and quantitative. We promise that within one term, you will be able to observe a significant improvement in your child’s Chinese standards!


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